Thursday, August 18, 2005

Adventures in Frying

Ahhhh, the Mars bar. This is where it all began in Scotland and now I can see why. This very well may be the best of all the things we've dropped in the deep-fryer (and believe me, we've tried a lot of things). Mars Bars aren't that great - admit it - but once they come out of the hot fat they have been transformed into something amazing. A crunchy shell with a soft, sweet and oh-so-gooey centre that runs just a little. Another bonus is that they're easy to fry. Even with a big naked hole in the batter the chocolate did not melt and ooze out into the oil (we'll call this a miracle rather than profoundly disturbing - chocolate should melt, right?) Remember that with Mars bars and other soft treats, an hour or more in the freezer is essential to your success.
For our readers south of the border (that's you Americans) - a Mars bar isn't a Mars bar. For you it's a Milky Way.
Mars or Milky, it WILL give you a stomachache, but it WILL be worth it.



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