Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Tale of Horror


You people rave so much about the deep-fried Twinkies (you know who you are) that we thought we should give it a try and throw some tasty little cake into the deep fryer. We looked at the world of snack cakes (who knew there were so many out there?) and settled on the King Don as our likeliest candidate. A soft, sweet, spongy little chocolate cupcake with a gooey vanilla centre - how could that be bad? Oh it can be bad. Very very bad. The word we should have taken more notice of was SPONGY. Yep, spongy. As in soaking up BUCKETS of oil the minute it hits the fryer. The finished product was gag-inducing and was literally spit out. You twinkie fanciers say that the twinkie gets "moist" - is this oozy hot fat you're talking about? I'm thinking it is. And if it is we here at Wacky Snacks want no part of it.

We've put the fryer away for awhile. It's on to new adventures.



At Thursday, August 18, 2005, Anonymous Belvin P. Narceljac said...

You know - the world's a better place with you Snack Wackers dipping your candy-coated toes in the untested, yet nectareous, waters of Lake Dessert while we less brave souls watch from the shore, safe to sample the ambrosial delights of sweet success while still protected from soggy Dons and leaky Nanaimo Bars. We thank you for your tasty trailblazing, your sugary sod-busting, and wish you well as you continue to reconnoitre the redolent world of the sweet and the snackiful.

At Friday, November 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to throw two cents in here...I own a small conceesion trailer and I work several small fairs here in Washington State selling deep-fried Twinkies, elephant ears, pop, etc. The Twinkies are good if you use the right batter. Pancake batter or cake mix won't work. We had to come up with our own batter recipe, and at our last event in August, we sold over 500 of the little things.


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